Customer Testimonials

Great Furniture Store!
They have a huge selection, great prices, convenient location, and wonderful customer service. The shopping experience was great. Sales people were very helpful and worked with me. The purchasing process ($3+ K) went great as well. The delivery was timely, and the delivery personnel were very helpful and professional.
I would recommend the store any day over others in the area!
- A.J.

Decent furniture at great prices.
I have bought many thousands of dollars of furniture from Sunshine both for work and for home. It's not a high end furniture place - so you won't find a $20,000 sofa here... However, there is some very good furniture at affordable prices.
- Joe R.

We have had good luck at Sunshine Furniture here in Tulsa,Oklahoma. The first item was a T.V. table for our new 46" flat screen T.V. Bought it, picked it up at their East Tulsa Warehouse. It was boxed and when we unpacked it we found a damaged corner. We could have taken it back for and exchange, but opted for a man to come repair it. It did take about two weeks but he did arrive, and he did a great repair job. You cannot tell it was damaged. The next item was a small table with drawers and shelves. We also picked it up at the warehouse. Took it home, unpacked it, and it was perfect. Sunshine has very good prices, and the sales people don't stalk you as you look. When needed, they are very helpful. I have found this store will not give you the line, that some other South Tulsa Furniture store has given us, where they tell you the item you want is in Oklahoma City and will be at their store in a week. Then after making you put down a deposit, you end up waiting and waiting.
- Sunshine Furniture Customer

I am happy to tell you that I've had good experience with Sunshine Furniture. We bought quite a few pieces of furniture, and their furniture is all very beautiful. I love it.
- Francis

We were referred to Sunshine by another furniture store. I was able to call their business, locate a missing, discontinued china hutch, purchased it and drove over 300 miles to pick it up. It was a huge gamble but our salesman worked with me, met my husband when he arrived, packaged and loaded it on the trailer. It was a great experience, and the cabinet is beautiful.
- Sunshine Furniture Customer

We had no problem! We have purchased several items in this store, and the people who waited on us were very curtious and kind. I do not know about the delivery, because we purchased and hauled ourselves, which is what you should always do anyway. The furniture has always seemed very durable and sturdy and has lasted through a family of four children.
- Sunshine Furniture Customer